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What makes a web site work for you and your company?

Industry experts say 70% of North Americans were on line by the beginning of the year 2000.

  • Using the Internet can cut your costs. In terms of boosted, low-cost advertising and reduced customer support costs a solid Internet strategy can save as much money as it makes for your company.
  • The Internet can disseminate huge amounts of information in ways that won't overwhelm your customers. They can explore, choose what they want, download files, conduct their own searches, look at pictures, request information, all with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Use your site to broaden your base of customers, distributors, or suppliers.
  • It is easier to remember than 570-406-2411.
  • Your e-mail address being
Consider how you grew your business in the first place: did you rely on walk-in traffic, local or national advertising, catalog or direct sales, or some other method?

What method of advertising works best for you and your business?

After the initial investment of the construction of the Web Page for your business, the monthly fee is less than the cost of running one ad a week in a local newspaper. And NO newspaper can match the demographics, circulation or delivery of the internet. The great thing about it is the internet just continues to grow and your business can grow along with it!



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